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We bring to the English speaking readers content that would be normally inaccessible otherwise.

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We Take The Risks That no One Else Will

Why can’t I find this series in the U.S.?

It all began with this problem: how to get interesting and unique titles to the English-speaking audience at high quality that no large publisher would take a chance on? There had to be a solution to this.

Let’s Work Together
our Vision

Let’s Do Something Interesting Together

We believe in working fast and reaching as many people as possible. This means we start our distribution digitally and eventually printing the best to put on your bookshelf!

We believe that we should work together so we work to interact directly with the fans.

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Our goal is to make as many series and types of content as accessible to a wider audience.

Why Choose Us

Creator-First Fan-Powered Ecosystem

We want to support creators and support the industry. We want to support those helping the fandom grow and we believe that fans and creators can work side-by-side. So that’s why we are building a fan-powered, creator-first ecosystem.

We believe that fans can work along side creators and even be compensated for their love and dedication!

Our Process

We make It easy

We keep it as simple as possible to get the content you want.


We Look For Lesser Known Content

We even take suggestions from the community about what to license next!


We Translate As Fast As Possible

Whether we do or we have fans help us, we try to maintain the highest quality while getting it out fast.


We Distribute It As Much as Possible

Look for our releases wherever you buy manga! If you don’t see us in your local store, we will be there.

“What are the best ways to support a manga artist? Is there a Patreon for some manga creators or specific online stores that I should buy from? I’ve read that buying non-translated manga from Japan is the best way, but I can’t read Japanese.”

“Why are the new licenses all so disappointing lately?”

We Listen

What the fans are saying

Fans and potential fans are the core of our business so that’s why we listen to our fans and potential fans.

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